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What happened to mcgamerzone >

What happened to mcgamerzone?

MGZ is DEAD. (But there is a new hope. Read fully)

I and the rest of the staff team is resigning from McGamerZone (Or should I call it Jartex clone?)

It has become certain that voodootje0 and Gunfire do not care about the spirit of MGZ as promised when they bought it. Not only that, they have decided that they do not need to fulfill the promises they made to xItzMickx. They lied.

The recent changes to MGZ (lobby turned to dirt, and astronomical increases in the prices of certain things on the store) was not discussed with anyone at all. We were not even INFORMED. Who knows what more bullshit is in line to come? What's more infuriating is that they also found it unnecessary reply to us (The staff team) when we asked. No shit given. It is *not* possible for me to work at a place owned by dishonest, non caring, dictators. I cannot invest any more time here. They are very sinister and wicked, and may bite at any time and throw me away. That's what they did to xItzMickx regarding the promises.

xItzMickx and xItzJardix respected the staff team and was transparent in their plans. voodootje0 and Gunfire only care about their wallets and nothing else. They do not give a shit about you. They do not give a shit about the staff team. We have not been informed of anything for weeks.

They later told us that they have been waiting for Mick to go, because Mick disliked their ideas, which was to fully unleash their plans of turning this place to a Jartex clone where staff team is turned to peasants whose opinions are thrown to the trash can.


But there is good news. The current staff team of MGZ is moving to WollyMc (Owned by our awesome developers HetIsJoey and iGufGuf, and hosted by Mick and Jardi). The walcraft & specialcraft 2.0 everyone has always wanted. We are working on it right now and the server will hopefully be up in a few months. It's not a MGZ clone either. We have analyzed the problems which MGZ faced (100% custom etc.) and we aim to rectify our mistakes, and make a truly awesome server.