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Forge is an awesome addition to the already spectacular game, Minecraft. This allows us to go even beyond custom textures and allows us to completely change the game !

However not every mod is allowed on WollyMC.

Here is a list of mods that are certainly allowed:
[This list will be updated regularly] [Last Update- 22nd July 2018]
-1.7 Animations
-Any Map mods that do NOT show entity data (location of other players)
-Any mod that displays ONLY YOUR stats (Armor durability,Health,Active Potions,CPS,FPS,Key strokes,etc)
-Fast Chat
-Inventory Tweaks
-In-Game Account Switcher
-Shoulder Surfing
-TCPNoDelay (you don't need this mod in versions 1.8 and above)

1A- Mods that change the ingame time (client side) are allowed.
1B- Gamma mods are allowed.
1C- Cosmetic mods that give you custom capes,armor models,etc are allowed aslong as they don't break term 2D. (look below)

Here are some mods that are NOT allowed:

-Damage Indicators or similar
-Macros or similar
-Toggle Sprint/Sneak (better sprinting included)
-World Downloader or similar

2A- Mod packs/custom modded clients that include mods from the list above, whether you use it or not, is NOT allowed.
2B- Anything that gives you an unusual gameplay advantage over a vanilla client is NOT allowed. This includes automated item swapping/other actions using macros/keybinds.
2C- X-Ray texture packs are not seen as mods, but as hacks and you will be banned for it.
2D- Enlarged textures in texture packs that give an advantage in tracking invisible players is NOT allowed.

If the mod you want to use isn't on either of the lists above, then make a ticket so that we can review it.
As some of you may have heard, we are officially reopening builder applications!
So this is how it works:

Create your ticket
Name it as the following:
<Username>'s Builder Application
Make sure to put it under the "Staff Apply" Department!
(Or builder apply if it ever comes out separately)

introduce yourself

All tickets must have a small introduction, It must have the following within the introduction (More is welcome):
- <Username/In-game name>
- <Age> Must be of the age 13 at least!
- <Name>
- <Timezone>
- How long have you been part of the community?
- Give 2 strengths you see in yourself
- Give 2 weaknesses you see in yourself

And finally tell us some more about who you are (optional).

The Application
This is the main part of your ticket, be sure to go over it and make sure it is clear and formatted correctly:
- Why do you want to be a builder for our server?
~ <Answer>

- What experience do you have in building?
~ <Answer>

- What do you like building? (Favorite theme/style/type of building) Please explain why.
~ <Answer>

- What makes you a good candidate for the build team?
~ <Answer>

- Can you take orders and work within a team?
~ <Answer>

- What is a mature player to you?
~ <Answer>

- Do you have any experience in "FAWE" And or "goBrush"?
~ <Answer>

- If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be and why?
~ <Answer>

Anything else you want to tell us?

<Sign your name>

Please note that if an application is not as the following format, it will be denied.
(Once you make a ticket and it is not according to the format, it is fine we will send you this link but you close your ticket and create a new one with the requested format!)

Best of luck...
Hey guys,

So we feel that TheBridge may be kinda the same old usual as before and we want to improve and expand on the original TheBridge to make it more fun!

So we we want to create & add new kits to the TheBridge , do any of u have ideas on new kits we could add and old ones we can remove that are no longer used.

Let me know in the comments please :)
Update A question.

I am currently making a feature that sends you back to the last minigame / gamemode you were in and i want your guys opinion on it.

So if you were in a thebridge game and you would disconnect the next time you join you automatically get send back to the thebridge lobby.

Owner and Founder of WollyMC
It's been a while since the last #Lit game,

For those of you who don't know what a #Lit game is, click here

I want to make this a bit different from the previous #lit games, below you will see a poll with options of what you want in the next game. You can choose a maximum of 2.

The poll expires in 7 days, after which I will take the one(s) with the highest votes.

If you have better (and balanced) ideas, feel free to post them below, no essays though, keep it short.
Welcome to WollyMC,

We have just released our brand-new forums for you all to enjoy, the staff team hope this update will help the server grow and make it become a more enjoyable place for our community to hang out and discuss topics.

Any suggestions you may have towards our network will be gratefully received, along with bug reports. We pride ourselves being able to listen to the community and fix or implement anything they desire.

WollyMC Management Team​
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    WollyMC is a professional server with lots of awesome gamemodes and minigames. You can play skyblock, survive on a small island, build, expand, trade and visit your friends. Factions, the well-known game where you team up, build a fortress and raid your enemies. We also have prison, with a custom twist to make the game more challenging, deal drugs or fight the guards! Then our popular game TheBridge which is awesome and comparable to eggwars/bedwars. Now stop reading our awesome description, join and experience yourself!
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