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How To Apply For Builder?

Discussion in 'News' started by Didi45, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. Didi45

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    Apr 26, 2018
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    As some of you may have heard, we are officially reopening builder applications!
    So this is how it works:

    Create your ticket
    Name it as the following:
    <Username>'s Builder Application
    Make sure to put it under the "Staff Apply" Department!
    (Or builder apply if it ever comes out separately)

    introduce yourself

    All tickets must have a small introduction, It must have the following within the introduction (More is welcome):
    - <Username/In-game name>
    - <Age> Must be of the age 13 at least!
    - <Name>
    - <Timezone>
    - How long have you been part of the community?
    - Give 2 strengths you see in yourself
    - Give 2 weaknesses you see in yourself

    And finally tell us some more about who you are (optional).

    The Application
    This is the main part of your ticket, be sure to go over it and make sure it is clear and formatted correctly:
    - Why do you want to be a builder for our server?
    ~ <Answer>

    - What experience do you have in building?
    ~ <Answer>

    - What do you like building? (Favorite theme/style/type of building) Please explain why.
    ~ <Answer>

    - What makes you a good candidate for the build team?
    ~ <Answer>

    - Can you take orders and work within a team?
    ~ <Answer>

    - What is a mature player to you?
    ~ <Answer>

    - Do you have any experience in "FAWE" And or "goBrush"?
    ~ <Answer>

    - If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be and why?
    ~ <Answer>

    Anything else you want to tell us?

    <Sign your name>

    Please note that if an application is not as the following format, it will be denied.
    (Once you make a ticket and it is not according to the format, it is fine we will send you this link but you close your ticket and create a new one with the requested format!)

    Best of luck to all! Hope to see some new builders!
    If you have any questions, Message me on Discord or in any other way.
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