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Discussion in 'TheBridge' started by _TJ04_, Apr 30, 2018.

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    Apr 26, 2018
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    What is #Lit ?
    - A event that takes place in TheBridge.

    How does this event work ? what's so special about it ?
    - In a #Lit game both teams win, a tie, so there is no loss of tokens and you have a 'chance' (more on that below) to get way more tokens than you would from a normal game.

    The key features of a #Lit game are (you will see these in ALL #Lit games):

    -No Nexus, no holding back at defending.
    Since there is no nexus, you don't have to worry about your nexus getting damaged. So you can focus on grinding for kills or whatever you like to do.
    Take that rushers :p

    -Endless supplies. (supplies include but is not limited to: Diamond/Gold/Iron blocks,enderpearls,armor,god apples,etc)

    -The "Chance" to take control.
    If you're fast enough, you can completely turn the game from just saying what you want, (in all chat) If your request is fair enough, you'll be given that almost instantly

    Example 1:

    Player: GIVE ME ARMOR NOW!!
    in this case all you get is a mute for caps.

    Example 2:
    Player: Can I please get some decent stuff, please ?
    in this case you weren't specific so you get nothing.

    Example 3:
    Player: Can I get a bow with infinity ?
    in this case your request was ignored because I felt like it.
    or you might get what you wanted if you checked your inventory.

    enough said.

    Additional features (you will see these occasionally on random games)

    -No mid.

    There is no mid, its gone and its never coming back.

    -Ghasts,Blazes,Creepers,Invisible Witches,Guardians,Withers
    It's now your problem.

    -Walls of Gold
    Why not ?

    -Other random things which I forgot about but yeah.


    -Sounds good, but what if I'm bad at PvP ?
    #Lit games last for about an hour, even if you do nothing you get 1k tokens atleast. (assuming there is no token boost active)

    -I was in a #Lit game but the other team kept spawn killing us..
    That is 100% your own fault, both teams were given items almost at the same time. Your team was just too slow at making proper defenses against possible strength rushes or rush themselves.

    -I never got any items..
    Try not to hide underground, or pay a fee on the shop under "free donation" to get your items delivered to you personally in your underground base....
    You will get items if you're near your spawn or mid or if you go try to find it.. its not gonna travel to you.

    -Cool, when are these #Lit games ?
    Random. Unless specified beforehand by me.

    -Game is full I can't join..
    too bad, maybe next time.

    -Can I wish for someone to die ?

    -Will you kill them ?

    -Even if they have armor and all that ?

    -Really ?!

    -I just told you to kill <username> but he's still alive.
    He's dead, inside.

    -Can I suggest features for #Lits ?
    Yes, If that feature is balanced I will try to implement it on the upcoming #Lits. You can submit feature requests in the form of tickets.
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